Print it. Cut it. MAKE IT.

Print it. Cut it.


Choose your favorite printable for your next craft.


Make it your own way

Only three steps to make anything you want at home, with your printer and your hands.

Print It

Choose your favorite design among all the printables available in the shop.

You can print fabric sheets, sublimation paper, craft paper, envelopes, stickers, etc.

Cut it

Print your files as many times as you want and then cut the pieces you need.

Just use what you need. Forget about stacking fabric or paper all around your home.

Make it

… and finally the FUN PART!

Start making your super personalized craft at home.

Check the DIY Projects section to learn more.

Don’t know where to start?

Search the projects for IDEAS


In the DIY Projects section I show you how to use your printables to make your DIY craft at home.

Sometimes I sew.

Sometimes I glue.

It’s all about making stuff and having fun.

The Elegant Envelope

Ready to leave your mark with some style? This DIY elegant envelope will make 50% of the work for you. The other half is yours to claim.

The Office Envelope

Staying creative at the office is now posible with this DIY office envelope that will blow your client’s mind! Those invoices will be so welcomed!

The Classic Envelope

Who said that to be classic had to be boring? Get you creativity to the next level with this DIY classic envelope template.

byvivice about me

About Me

Hey there!

So nice to meet you!

My name is Vivi and I’m a surface pattern designer from Uruguay.

My love for patterns started more than 10 years ago but it’s only a few years since I decided to make it a living.

Sewing and designing my own patterns have opened wide doors for my creativity and I’ve been having so much fun with it that I’ve decided to share part of my craft with you.

On my website you’ll find lots of printables for easy DIY projects.

Having fun it’s all what this is about!




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