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The Office Envelope

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Staying creative at the office is now posible with this envelope that will blow your client’s mind! Get you creativity to the next level with this DIY office envelope template.

Use it for your creative business and send your client’s invoices in a way that’s truly welcome!


used for the Office Envelope

This is what you’ll need to get started:

  • The template for Envelope Nº2.
  • A printed design with an area covering the template (A4 or Letter sized print will work fine).
  • A pencil to trace the template.
  • A pair of scissors to cut the envelope template and the print.
  • Glue or doble sided tape (my personal favorite) for the indicated parts.

The office envelope final size is 12,4 x 15,8 cm.

papercraft project book envelope

Step 1

Trace the template onto the print.

I used ink so it would show in the picture, but you can use pencil (and then erase the lines after you cut your print).

papercraft project book envelope

Step 2

Cut the shape you just traced.

It should look similar to the one shown on the picture. 

papercraft project book envelope

Step 3

Fold sides number 1 and 2 to the inside of the envelope.

Unfold one of the sides and apply glue along the edge. I like to use doble sided tape (you can see it ready to stick on the unfolded side in the picture).

papercraft project book envelope

Step 4

Fold side number 3 before applying any glue. Be sure to press the crease so it fits in place.

Unfold the bottom side and apply glue or doble sided tape on top of flips number 1 and number 2.

papercraft project book envelope

Step 5

Fold the bottom side with care so it’s aligned and sticked to the sides of the envelope.

papercraft project book envelope

Step 6

Fold the top of the envelope towards the center. Press the crease.

Your office envelope is ready to hold whatever you put into it!

papercraft project book envelope

Take Action

It’s your turn now!

Choose your favorite print, download the template for Envelope Nº2 and start making your own envelopes.

Did you like this project? Do you have any suggestions for future projects you would like me to consider?

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